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Thursday 2/6

Yole?s analysts propose a new technology and market report dedicated to the automotive lighting industry and innovations. The Advanced Front-Lighting Systems report is offering a comprehensive overview of the overall ecosystem, highlighting the latest technical innovations and the market evolution.
Mikrotron EoSens cameras, featuring a fanless, shock- and vibration-proof design within a robust metal housing, proved up to the task, achieving long-term stability over hundreds of tests.
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With flip-chip technology, the ICs are installed upside down in the package. With the heated part of the IC facing the bottom of the package and being closer to the PCB, thermal inductance can be improved by a factor between 2 and 3.
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The combination of small size, light weight, low power consumption, and NIR sensitivity makes the Alvium 1800 U-501 NIR an ideal choice for surveillance and security applications, especially with low light conditions.
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IoT Device Security Conference
In the pursuit of improved road safety, automakers are moving away from the simple ?on/off? operation to sophisticated systems that incorporate movement and variable intensity within rear combination lamps.
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Speed and torque are two parameters used to determine the appropriate solution, then a list with the most important parameters shows the choices calculated. To further reduce choices, you can use a filter until the most suitable drive solutions are found.
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Embedded World
Next generation Lidar systems will use ?coherent? technology to increase the range and sensitivity by measuring the phase of the reflected light.
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Septentrio will incorporate Analog Devices? advanced industrial-grade IMUs into a selection of its GNSS/INS products. Working directly with Analog Devices allows Septentrio to provide faster and more efficient GNSS/INS integration solutions for high-volume customers.
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Not only does tomorrow?s car need to be smart, it has to integrate a large number of sensors and the flood of data they provide. In order to develop the awareness needed for functions like ADAS, the vehicle systems must deal with in-bound camera, radar, and LIDAR data to help cars see and adapt to the world around them.


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