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Tuesday 4/21

Crystal Group
In part 1 of this series, we covered the importance of security in connected embedded systems and the dis-integration of Flash forcing the use of external Flash. In part 2 of this series, we covered Secure Flash, the next generation of smart memory. In this final part of the series, we will cover design issues related to secure embedded systems using external Flash.
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OTA Updates
The DS5366 Smart Charging Solution from dSPACE offers automobile manufacturers and providers of charging stations a solution for developing and testing technologies for smart charging.
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BlackBerry Limited announced the launch of QNX Black Channel Communications Technology, a new software solution that OEMs and embedded software developers can use to ensure safe data communication exchanges within their safety-critical systems.
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SimHIL helps produce coherent data from GNSS and inertial sensors to their sensor fusion algorithms within HIL test environments. This solution may assist OEMs and suppliers developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), V2X, and sensor fusion engines.
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TAGE has developed an autonomous haulage system solution based on an edge to cloud architecture, including an intelligent cloud platform, V2X telematics, and intelligent autonomous mining vehicle.
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This new series is an addition to the Pro-face family and provides a solution to the automation industry's need for HMIs that can be used in extreme and hazardous conditions, including outdoor applications.
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NXP is excited to bring you the NXP eXperience ? an online and interactive destination for all our news, content and training as it was originally planned Embedded World 2020.
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Decentralized power is a phenomenon that?s starting to hit the automotive sector. Is it better to have lower power levels in more places in the car, as opposed to one centralized place? Hmm, I?m not sure, as I think I can make an argument for either solution. Rather than attempt a guess, I went right to an expert for this week?s Embedded Executives podcast. That expert is Patrick Wadden, Vicor's Global Vice President of Automotive Business Development. He explains which is the better approach and why.


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