Friday 6/19

AI technologies, which were called ?futuristic? not so long ago, are proving to be an effective tool contributing to fight the pandemic amid healthcare and public health applications. From pharmacology, medical, and hospital care to public places monitoring, and control use a broad range of AI technologies to predict, explain, and manage the different scenarios caused by the health crisis. Data insights help to make progress and deliver results.
Anaconda, provider of the Python data science platform, and IBM Watson announced a new collaboration to help simplify enterprise adoption of AI open-source technologies.
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The latest release of Qeexo AutoML makes the automated TinyML model development and deployment platform available as a web application hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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QuickLogic Corporation announced its QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC) initiative. According to the company, this makes QuickLogic the first programmable logic vendor to actively embrace a fully open source suite of development tools for its FPGA devices and eFPGA technology.
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Don?t know AI? Even less familiar with FPGAs? Well don?t worry, because this week on Dev Kit Weekly we?re getting acquainted with the Hello! FPGA Kit from Microchip.
Sensory has combined both face and voice into one SDK. Developers can leverage both face and voice biometrics in real-time to provide a contact free experience to the end-user.
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Aetina released the AN110-XNX edge AI computer, taking advantage of NVIDIA?s Jetson Xavier NX capabilities. This expands its range of edge AI systems built on the Jetson platform.
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NetApp wanted to build a digital advisor that uses AI at scale and in real-time to continually gain insights on these devices and conduct predictive maintenance on storage.
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IoT endpoints lie at the frontier of embedded vision. And, as with other frontiers, there are challenges, not least of which is power efficiency. Can inferencing at the extreme edge happen without exceeding the node?s power capacity?
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