Friday 7/31

In this edition of the embedded insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss how digital twins that reflect physical IoT systems can not only record the status of real-world devices, but simulate how the device could react under certain conditions in the future. And, how these twins can also potentially be used to help inform future designs.
ONE Tech estimates that MicroAI Atom algorithms, which run recursive analysis and reside directly on target machines at the edge, reduce the cost of deploying endpoint intelligence by a minimum of 80 percent.
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Innominds has experience in wireless, 5G, and AI technologies. Innominds also builds smart and safe contactless technology solutions leveraging AI and ML, and computer vision technologies to enable an intelligent contactless ecosystem.
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The BOXER-8251AI features a six-core 64-bit ARM processor, 384 CUDA cores, 48 tensor cores, and two NVIDIA engines fore running multiple neural networks in parallel. All in all, these features combined deliver computing performance of up to 21 TOPS.
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From deepfakes and repression of dissent to online harassment and facial recognition software, the decisions we make about technology have broad and lasting consequences. It?s important for everyone working in tech to have an understanding of the power and potential, for good and bad, of their work.
Applitools announced new AI capabilities for its end-to-end automated testing platform. Auto-maintenance AI leverages the power of Applitools' Visual AI technology for ideal test maintenance efficiency through virtual assistant recommendations.
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Continental has invested in setting up its own supercomputer for Artificial Intelligence (AI), powered by NVIDIA InfiniBand-connected DGX systems, offering computing power as well as storage to developers in locations worldwide.
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Real-Time Innovations (RTI) announced it has joined the Baidu Apollo autonomous driving partner ecosystem. Apollo is Baidu?s open-source full-stack software solution for driverless vehicles.
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We asked Mark Bingeman of Nuvaton Engineering, ?If you were going to give product development advice to someone looking to avoid avoidable issues during their data acquisition system designs, what would it be?"

This ?Blind Spots? article will put a few of these under a magnifying glass and provide some considerations that should be included early on in engineering planning.
Voice enabled device testing


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