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Friday 11/6

Texas Instruments
Factories of the future are likely to contain more robots of various types, including self-contained manufacturing cells that could contain a mix of SCARA, cartesian, and linear robots, as well as collaborative robots (cobots) that are designed to work in close proximity to humans.

As extra automated systems become packed onto factory floors, often near human workers, equipment designers must take care to meet applicable equipment directives that cover both electromagnetic compatibility and functional safety.
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Mentor, a Siemens business, introduced the VCO2S solution (Vehicle Cockpit Consolidation Solutions). Per the company, the offering helps automotive OEMs and their suppliers design and develop next-generation cockpit systems on a single high-compute electronic control unit (ECU) system.
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The latest version of the complete C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RH850 can now optionally generate position-independent code and/or position-independent data.
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OpenRTK330 is a high performance GNSS receiver with a built-in RTK engine and triple redundant inertial sensors. It is designed for use in Level 3 ADAS and other high-volume applications requiring precise position information.
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STMicroelectronics and Sanken Electric have collaborated to display the advantages of intelligent power modules (IPM) in high-voltage, high-power equipment designs.
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In general, junction boxes, which are used in automotive infotainment systems for the internal wiring and control of loudspeakers, are a common interface. Yamaichi has further developed and improved this I/O connector, which is based on a Volkswagen standard interface, Quadlock.
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There?s a new frontier for IoT, and it represents a new category of IoT deployments: the trucks, trains, buses, planes, ships, and other vehicle fleets that collectively create transportation networks around the world.
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