Thursday 7/11

Mentor is putting itself squarely in the center of the cognitive computing revolution with an AI/machine learning development kit and enhancements to two tools that will help customers bring AI-powered ICs to market faster.

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If you haven?t heard about the push for AI in the embedded and industrial sectors, you?re either not paying attention or living under a rock. One of the latest vendors to enter the fray is Lattice Semiconductor, who recently developed its sensAI solution.
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Lanner Electronics has released the LEC-2580 industrial PC that targets deep learning-based vision systems.
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Excelfore?s eDatX? platform is conducive for big data driven AI in areas of error detection, predictive analytics, and advanced algorithm development.
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At the RoboCup 2019 World Championship in Sydney, Australia (Yes! There is such a thing as the World Cup for robotics!), a team of football robots developed by the University of Bremen and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) won the trophy.
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You?ve heard it before?artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge is the coolest thing since sliced bread, and if you?re not taking advantage of it, you?re missing the boat. For better or worse, there is a lot of truth to those statements.
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While machine learning is still relatively new to the embedded computing space, each of the major processor vendors?Intel, AMD, nVidia, and so on?has its own methodology for implementing machine learning, and each is coming on very quickly with newer techniques.
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At Sensors Expo 2019, embedded processor vendor QuickLogic and their subsidiary SensiML were on a mission to demystify artificial intelligence ? without the help of a data scientist.


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