Thursday 7/25

The recent surge in advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies has triggered exponential investment avenues across start-ups and aligned funding for AI research and development.

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One of the primary inputs used for artificial intelligence is vision/imaging. And the better your images, the better your data, leading to better intelligence.
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M5STACK has released the M5StickV K210 RISC-V AI camera, a programmable system that simplifies the integration of machine learning, image, and speech recognition through support for OpenMV and MicroPython programming.
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SparkFun has released the SparkFun Artemis, Engineering Version, an open-source embedded development kit that supports the TensorFlow machine learning environment.
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End-to-end security, going from the Edge of the IoT to the Cloud, is not something you hear a lot about. Why? Because it?s hard to implement. Securing the individual pieces is far easier, but then you?re left to connect those sometimes incongruent pieces.
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Microchip Technology, via its Microsemi subsidiary, launched its Smart Embedded Vision initiative that helps with designing intelligent machine vision systems with Microchip?s low-power PolarFire FPGAs.
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It offers a flexible, easy-to-implement solution for industrial device customers for connecting advanced application processors (APs) with image sensors being used in modern machine vision applications for industrial environments.
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We talked to Pre-Switch CEO Bruce Renouard on the company's new platform, which enables power design engineers to investigate their soft-switching architecture and platform. The CleanWave inverter evaluation system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to constantly adjust the relative timing of elements within the switching system, to force a resonance to offset the current and voltage waveforms, minimizing switching losses in the power conversion system.


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