Friday 12/13

Crystal Group
This article explains how DNNs work and why FPGAs are becoming popular for inference tasks. It proceeds to showcase how DNN workloads can be executed on a development platform using a real world demo.
SensiML Corporation, a developer of AI tools for building IoT endpoints, announced the release of a free trial version of its SensiML Analytics Toolkit and introduction of its Data Depot sample dataset repository.
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The Sparse Modeling Kit can be used stand-alone or as an add-on to existing inspection systems, creating inspection systems that can be trained for individual requirements and can therefore function anywhere.
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One Stop Systems, a provider of specialized computing solutions for mission critical edge applications, announced the release of SCA8000 compute acceleration expansion platform for use with Marvell ThunderX2 Arm based servers.
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Neural networks are complex. Mindtech makes tools that help create vision data sets for training these neural nets. In this week?s Embedded Executive podcast with Chris Longstaff, Vice President of Product Management at Mindtech, I discussed what an engineer would do with the data set once in-hand.


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