Friday 7/17

The automotive sector has adopted a great number of AI innovations that are not only utilized for vehicle path planning and obstacle avoidance, but incorporated in every step of development from gathering parts for manufacturing, to testing software, to modeling how these systems will function on the road.
Voice enabled device testing
The analysis of data sets are complex when considering volume and variety. Analysis of passenger travel via IVMS(web) can assist in realizing faster responses to passenger calls for a vehicle.
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MYIR provides FZ3 Kit as a whole development kit, it contains the FZ3 Card and necessary accessories including one 12V/2A power adaptor, one 16GB TF card, one mini USB cable, and one mini DP to HDMI cable.
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The images that were analyzed, includes AI enhanced data, viewport information, and direct user feedback on defects and content, among other things.
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The acquisition supports the strengthening of dSPACE?s autonomous driving product portfolio. Prior to dSPACE?s purchase of Intempora, the company had already integrated RTMaps, the Intempora real-time multisensor application software, into dSPACE solutions.
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Litmus and ProcessMiner announced a partnership to cross-promote their platforms to offer manufacturers a solution that includes real-time data collection, analysis, prediction, and process recommendations for continuous improvement.
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Olea Edge Analytics released its EdgeWorks Platform 2.0, which combines blockchain, AI, and machine learning technologies to provide advanced solutions for water billing, delivery, and conservation.
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AI is all the rage these days, and poised to disrupt nearly every industry. In fact it already is, but more because organizations are struggling to integrate new AI personnel, processes, tools, and workflows alongside their existing infrastructure. It?s so bad in fact that a recent IDC survey reported that the majority of companies are failing in their AI initiatives.


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