Thursday 9/10

Data processing is certainly not a new concept, nor are algorithms. However, where algorithms are being trained and run is rapidly evolving. In recent years, training of machine learning (ML) algorithms has, by and large, been conducted within cloud environments due to the ability to utilize temporary compute resources for performing these data-intensive tasks.
AI Network Edge
Aetina announced the new AN810-XNX edge AI computer leveraging capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX. This edge AI computer features alternatives of I/O slot, as well as a range of edge AI systems.
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Neousys Technology, provider of rugged embedded systems, launched a fanless Edge AI inference platform, the NRU-120S.
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Litmus announced a new partnership with Oden Technologies to offer a turnkey solution for smart manufacturing. This includes out-of-the-box data acquisition from machines, advanced analytics, and machine learning.
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A month or so ago we reviewed the ADLINK I-Pi rapid industrial prototyping platform on Dev Kit Weekly, and, to be honest, it looked an awful lot like this. Same plastic and aluminum cage, same SMARC carrier and module form factor, same I/Os for the most part. Except there?s this fan down here that wasn?t on the I-Pi. Hmmm.
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