Wednesday 10/28

Companies looking to deliver value in the AIoT marketplace will be faced with extreme design requirements. To succeed, AIoT vendors must carefully consider their entire system design, from hardware to software to integration. Selecting the right end-to-end design partner can help avoid early pitfalls while adding value to customers.
IC complexity
Flex Logix announced availability of its InferX X1, an AI inference chip for edge systems. The InferX X1 offers ideal performance of neural network models such as object detection and recognition, and other neural network models, for robotics, industrial automation, medical imaging, and more.
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Vecow announced the release of the latest AI Computing System, ECX-2400/2300 PEG and ECX-2200/2100 PEG. The system is powered by the 10th Gen Intel Xeon/Core i9/i7/i5/3 Processor and integrated with NVIDIA Tesla/Quadro/GeForce Graphics.
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The partnership is designed to provide AI solutions for industrial machines, focused on field testing of AI that enables monitoring and provides actionable insights from data collected through industrial internet of things (IIoT) systems.
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Sourcing, design, testing, and inspection all play a crucial role in ensuring products meet the bar when it comes to quality. Product inspections at early stages in the production cycle help reduce risks and cost. While inspections can be conducted at any point throughout the production process, the goal is to identify, contain and resolve issues as quickly as possible.


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