Tuesday 12/8

Research and development around computer systems that can understand phonics has been underway since 1952. Originally focused on numbers instead of words, Bell Labs created the Automatic Digit Recognition machine called ?Audrey? that was able to understand basic speech sounds known as phonemes, as well as single digits (0 to 9), spoken aloud by one voice.

Almost 70 years ago, Audrey was able to detect basic phonemes and numbers with up to 90% accuracy, but because the system was only able to understand numbers its application was limited to voice dialing for collectors and toll operators.
Using algorithms derived from its neuroscience research, Numenta announced it has achieved ideal performance improvements on inference tasks in deep learning networks, per the company, without any loss in accuracy.
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With a peak TOPS of 38.3 announced by Xilinx, the Zebra-powered Alveo U250 accelerator card outperformed competitors in terms of throughput per TOPS and ranks among the best accelerators available today.
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With the launch and the funding, EdgeQ plans to address the 5G infrastructure market as the first company to couple 5G connectivity with AI compute onto a SoC.
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In safety-critical software development, unit testing is mandated by standards. However, not all tests are built equal. This paper discusses approaches you can take with your unit testing to maximize their contribution to the development process.
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Stacey Higginbotham, a tech industry expert and editor of the eponymous Stacey on IoT blog, joins Brandon and Rich to further the discussion about the ARM/NVIDIA deal. Wait. What did NVIDIA buy? Or better yet, what didn?t they buy? Why didn?t they acquire the entire Arm portfolio? And where is the rest of it now?

Jim McGregor of Tirias Research returns to analyze AMD?s acquisition of programmable logic supplier Xilinx. He provides some analogs to Intel?s purchase of Altera. Later, Rich puts him on the spot: In two years, will the Xilinx/AMD deal be a good one?


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