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With 2019 quickly coming to an end, the industry is looking ahead to 2020. At this point, only predictions can be made about the hot topics that surround the technology world. In this blog series, industry experts share their thoughts and predictions heading into the new year. We?ll be covering the key technology categories of edge, cloud, 5G, artificial intelligence, and the evolution of engineering.

In part one of our five-part series, experts from Keysight, Nubix, Western Digital, and MathWorks share in detail their thoughts on the future of the edge..

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Its flexible and configurable IP design targets endpoint or root complex type devices, as well as switches and bridge implementations. The controller IP architecture is tailored to optimize link utilization, latency, reliability, power consumption and reduce the silicon footprint.
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Thingstream announced a partnership with Ergosense to ensure its measurement and monitoring devices work anywhere in the world. Ergosense?s devices help identify and manage efficiencies within the workspace, and the partnership ensures Ergosense can now manufacture its devices embedding Thingstream's IoT Communication-as-a-Service solution, guaranteeing Low-Power GSM coverage in over 190 countries worldwide.

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Microway, a provider of computational clusters, servers, and workstations for AI and HPC applications, announces it has provided an NVIDIA DGX-1 supercomputer and Microway NumberSmasher Tesla GPU Server to deep-learning leader Vyasa Analytics.
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It?s not a secret that the code quality standards for embedded systems software are much higher than those for games, photo editors and others. The requirements have increased after cases when hardware having got out of control caused a lot of tragic situations and, at best, great deal of money was spent for nothing.

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