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In part two of our five-part series, experts from Keysight and Western Digital share in detail their thoughts on the future of the cloud.

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The Renesas VERSALDEMO1Z power reference board provides full power rails for the Versal ACAP's adaptable engines, AI engines, scalar engines, and external DDR memory. The board is a complete power supply solution featuring one member of the innovative ISL68xxx digital multiphase PWM controller family and multiple members of the ISL99xxx smart power stage family to provide high-efficiency and scalable Vcore power.
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Combining an agile development approach with SPICE applications, the HARRI innovation platform presents a user experience integrating psychological and technical approaches, presenting an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI), demonstrating functionality such as a solid backend structure, fast recognition and processing of collected data, and V2X communication.
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Retelit Multicloud is an Italian IoT infrastructure integrating hybrid Cloud solutions, and Everyware IoT is Eurotech's platform for the management of IoT projects in many vertical markets.
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By the close of 2019, suppliers of LoRa solutions have streamlined the availability of the key building blocks, broadly segmented into LoRa nodes or end devices, gateways, and network and app servers.

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