Friday 12/27


In part three of our five-part series, experts from Keysight and Nubix share their thoughts on the future of 5G.

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The new release includes support for custom instructions, allowing disassembly of application specific instructions added to the CPU core to tailor it for the particular application.
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Fully FCC- and CE-approved, the PanL Hub enables installers to incorporate various communication technologies into their system deployments.
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The XCZU28DR includes a quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 and dual-core Cortex-R5 real-time processing unit, as well as over 4,200 DSP, 930k logic cells, and over 60 Mb of internal memory (including 22.5 Mb of UltraRAM).
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According to Flexera?s RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report, serverless computing, for the second year in a row, is the top-growing cloud service with a 50% rise over 2018 (24 to 36% adoption). In fact, machine learning, container-as-a-service and IoT were the next fastest-growing cloud services after serverless.

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