Friday 01/03


While signal chain integration is a significant step forward, on its own it does not address the fundamental disadvantage of electrochemical gas sensors?deteriorating performance over their lifetime.

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Greenliant is now sampling its NVMe U.2 EnduroSLC Industrial Enterprise EX Series solid state drives (SSDs) to customers that require high endurance primary storage with sustainable low latency and high performance in extreme environments.
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Israeli startup TriEye?s will collaborate with German sports car manufacturer Porsche to improve visibility and performance of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV).
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Red Balloon Security and Atredis Partners, embedded device security companies, announced a strategic partnership, in a press release. The purpose of the partnership is to protect corporations, manufacturers and suppliers against hard to detect firmware-based threats.
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A short while ago, I wrote about Achonix pushing into the very high-speed FPGA space, with its Speedster7t launch. As you might expect, the next announcement comes from a board vendor who is taking advantage of those ICs.

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