Monday 1/13


Everyone knows that the use of voice assistants is exploding. Just returning from CES, it was amazing to see the number of booths that support Amazon?s Alexa and Google?s Assistant. Nevertheless, recent research from Edison-NPR is showing that US household adoption of voice assistant applications is slowing down.

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The MAX20340 from Maxim Integrated Products is presented as the smallest 2-pin bi-directional DC powerline communications (PLC) device available.
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TE Connectivity, a company focused on connectivity and sensors, has released the MS5839-02BA, an ultra-compact, chlorine resistant digital pressure and temperature sensor.
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Rohde & Schwarz and Marvell have demonstrated successful compliance tests and debugging for high-speed digital interfaces on the Marvell 88Q6113 multi-gigabit automotive switch platform.
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Ring doorbells and cameras have joined the ever-growing list of IoT devices that have been compromised by hackers. According to reports, credentials to 3000 Ring accounts have been compromised, resulting in a number of alarming attacks.

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Cameras Against Hackers


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