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The answers to that double question are simple: first, ?it depends? and second, ?almost certainly.?

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iDTRONIC, a provider of embeddable RFID modules, announced the enhancement of its HF MIFARE RFID Read R840 with WiFi and ethernet interface.
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Because the two devices are built with a functional safety microcontroller, OEMs and other suppliers can support both ASIL-D safety-critical tasks and convenience features with one chip.
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Atmosic and Tonly Electronics have partnered on the TBMO2 Bluetooth Low Energy module. Based on the Atmosic M2 SoC, the TBM02 integrates Lowest Power Radio and On-Demand Wake Up technologies to provide extreme energy efficiency in battery-powered devices without sacrificing performance.
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Energy storage has been an issue in the electronics industry, ever since the first untethered powered device was created. However, prior to the advent of the personal electronics revolution, most battery uses involved short-term application-specific use cases.

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