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There are tons of articles for the "Best of" at CES, and there were some great things to see this year: Robots, AI, Smart Cars, and millions of USB chargers. However, I'm taking a different approach in this article and talking about four things that happen every year that diminish, or at least impede, my CES experience.

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The migration to intelligent vehicles with advanced features is one that is going on apace, but getting a car to drive itself in the real world is not that simple.
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Miele announced it will be implementing new security chips from Giesecke+Devrient to protect intelligent devices. The chips support authentication between Miele devices and Miele Online Services and protects the transmission of data using TLS encryption.
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Pasternack, a provider of radio frequency, microwave, and millimeter wave products, released a new line of RF attenuators with operating frequencies up to 18 GHz depending on the configuration.
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The Intelligent Edge is gaining momentum in the embedded development community and beyond. To get a better understanding of what that means exactly, Embedded Computing Design spent some time with Wind River?s Gareth Noyes, the company?s Chief Strategy Officer.

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