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The relationship between car and rider will no longer be long-term; instead, it will feel like speed dating. As modular interior design becomes the norm for a new breed of cars, seats will have to travel farther and faster.

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Semtech is adding to its LoRa portfolio with the LoRa Smart Home, as LoRa is becoming a fast-growing low-power network.
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The QN9090 and QN9030 devices are powered by an Arm Cortex-M4 running at 48MHz and include up to 640KB onboard flash and 152 KB SRAM, providing storage space and flexibility for complex applications and safe over-the-air (OTA) updates.
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The PL-82020 HPC server can support hybrid configurations in the Cloud, IoT, and Call Center applications. Hybrid cloud computers can handle high-value data while enabling the utilization of third-party cloud services for less-critical data.
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With 2020 predicted to be a huge year for EV development, innovative solutions are vital in order to maintain high-performing efficiency.

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