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To illustrate the most basic advantages of analog computing, consider processing analog signals that are described by a set of differential equations. Because continuous time doesn?t exist in a digital computing paradigm, a digital computer must sample the input every clock cycle to develop a sample signal. This can result in many, many computations, which has the cascading effect of higher latency, increased power consumption, and so on.

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The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) launched the IIC Community forum, a place for industry experts to exchange ideas, discuss IIoT problems, and to network.
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KP Performance Antennas, a manufacturer of wireless network antennas, released a new 4-port OMNI antenna that is ideal for WISP, cellular, and fixed wireless applications.
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IoT Device Security Conference

Renesas Electronics released the industry?s first single-chip synchronous buck and low dropout (LDO) regulator targeting low-power FPGAs, DDR memory, and other digital loads for spaceflight payload applications.
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The IoT and Cloud-enabled smart devices community recently came together in Amsterdam for the annual Things Conference, where member vendors, distributors, and partners showed their latest solutions. From space-based observation of endangered species to robust smart-home door sensors, the spectrum of solutions was both interesting and deep.

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