Thursday 3/19


Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, is an enabling technology. It merges the versatility of semiconductor technology with the functionality of mechanical structures at a scale that opens entirely new application areas.

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MEMS Sensors and Actuators

Newark has added Rohde & Schwarz?s NGP800 Series of power supplies to its portfolio. The new generation NGP800 Series is made up of five 2- and 4-channel models operating at either 400W or 800W, suited for both bench-top and automated test systems.
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The MAX20087 dual/quad device is an integrated camera power protector IC that can be plugged into a fusion electronic control unit (ECU).
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The STMicroelectronics SRK1001 controller is designed for secondary side synchronous rectification (SR) in flyback converters, suitable for operation in QR and mixed CCM/DCM fixed-frequency operation at up to 300kHz.
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If you bought a Raspberry Pi computer, you probably first installed NOOBS/Raspbian and tried it out as a relatively simple desktop. This is all well and good of course, but the real power of Raspberry Pi systems isn?t for replacing your desktop, but as a system that can be embedded anywhere.

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