Thursday 3/26


What about engineers who are working on capriciously cunning embedded systems and phenomenally fabulous Internet of Things (IoT) devices? Everyone has access to a computer, but not everyone has the design and test equipment they need, and its possible for only one person to take the team?s oscilloscope home.

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Digilent products

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new IHDM Automotive Grade edge-wound, through-hole inductor with rated current up to 150 A for under the hood applications.
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Fujitsu Component America, Inc. has added a series of Bluetooth 5 beacons and sensor beacons, the FWM8BLZ07 and FWM8BLZ07A . Based on Fujitsu's Bluetooth 5 FWM7BLZ20B module, the new beacons are based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 SoC and leverage the benefits of Bluetooth 5.
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VersaLogic Corporation added a new model to its "Swordtail" product family, the latest in their line of Arm-based embedded computers, the EPC- 2702.
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In connected cars, we need a two-way connection from the vehicle to a central server in order to roll out updates, enable new features, and gather data. This can reduce recall costs, provide predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics, and improve the driver?s experience.

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cloud connectivity


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