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Whether it is in Consumer, Automotive, Medical, or the Industrial Industry, the latest trend in technology is converting all wired interfaces to wireless. This conversion of interfaces from wired to wireless gives more flexibility, convenience and provides world-wide access instead of the area bound wired access.

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Design/Development stages

The OBD II module reads the CAN bus data and enables real-time analysis of vehicle parameters such as engine performance, fuel efficiency, emission levels, etc.
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With this update, and through the updated Storyboard IO connector, development teams can now apply events to a target device through the back-end using TCP/IP connections to.
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Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new automotive grade phototransistor optocoupler, the VOMA618A.
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The MAX11131 on the BOB is a 16-channel, 12-bit successive approximation register ADC with a sampling rate of 3 Megasamples per second. The devices are highly accurate, to within one least significant bit and thereby guarantee no missing codes.

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