Friday 4/3


3D sensing is becoming vital technology and has been adopted as an integral part of applications such as Apple?s Face ID, for unlocking phones and making payments. In the coming years, the technology will further penetrate into markets such as augmented reality and autonomous driving.

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dis-integration of e-flash

Sensata Technologies announced the availability of new Low Noise (LN) series of panel mounted solid state relays (SSRs). The new relays are designed for use in products where precise power control, long life, reliability, and reduced levels of electromagnetic noise are required.
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Gumstix announced the release of four Edge AI devices for machine-learning applications moving data from the network?s edge.
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Powerbox announced the release of the ENMA500D24/2x27-CC, a dual channel power supply for marine engine control. It provides two 27V/20A isolated outputs and 540W of power.
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End users of embedded and IoT devices expect snappy, intuitive, and interactive graphical user interfaces on IoT endpoints. That means you, the embedded or IoT device engineer, needs to at least start building towards a functional GUI while also handling the firmware, operating system, networking stacks, security, and all of the other requirements that will make your system a commercial success.

Join Brad Rex, Senior Manager in the MCU Business Unit at Renesas Electronics on this episode of Embedded Toolbox as he endeavors to build an IoT-enabled Weather Panel in just 15 minutes using Renesas RA MCUs, SEGGER AppWizard, and Amazon FreeRTOS.

Oh, and check out the description to win a free Renesas EK-RA6M3G graphics evaluation kit.


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