Tuesday 4/14


Since smartphones do not provide the desired speed and WiFi sharing quickly drains the mobile battery power, portable routers and WiFi modems are increasingly chosen as a more convenient and reliable option. Let us have a closer look at the benefits portable modems provide.

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Denchi Group announces the commercial availability of SLICE. Based on the company's Li-Ion battery technology, Denchi's SLICE is a scalable and adaptable energy storage solution.
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The Edge AI and Vision Alliance and Woodside Capital Partners announced the launch of a new free web-based tool, the Embedded Vision and Visual AI Industry Map, which provides a new way to visualize the market and for embedded vision professionals to identify prospective customers, suppliers, and partners.
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BlackBerry Limited announced the launch of QNX Black Channel Communications Technology, a new software solution that OEMs and embedded software developers can use to ensure safe data communication exchanges within their safety-critical systems.
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In our special edition of the Embedded Executive podcasts, we are interviewing execs to see how they are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, only from an engineering workforce perspective (we?ll leave the politics to others). This edition is with a CEO who is smack in the middle of the US?s worst hotspot, New York City. Sendyne CEO John Milios describes what it?s like handling his engineering team.

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