Thursday 4/16


Although it is unlikely that you are working with any coworkers named Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, or Doc, one thing is sure; you are going to be getting a new coworker. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to transform the workplace. If the Seven Dwarfs are any indication, coworkers who even have distinctly different characteristics, styles, and traits can still work alongside one another and achieve great things. This article will introduce you to this new coworker of tomorrow and look at some of the coming changes to how work will be performed.

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AI Machinery

In an effort to help combat the COVID-19 virus, Renesas released a new open-source ventilator system reference design. Its purpose is to design ready-to-assemble boards for ventilators.
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IAR Systems and the Qt Company announce a collaboration to help develop fluid graphic UI applications, specifically applications with high performance and ensured code quality.
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Wind River, a leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge, announced its collaboration with open-pit mining solutions provider Beijing TAGE Idriver Technology Co., Ltd. (TAGE). The companies are teaming up on a software platform for the development of next-generation autonomous mining vehicles.
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I feel very strongly that a software developer has a great responsibility, which should be manifest in a priority: write code that is easy to understand. My reasoning is that clear code is generally less likely to have errors. More importantly, more time is spent maintaining code than writing it in the first place and clear code is more maintainable. The question of execution efficiency cannot be forgotten, but for the most part, modern development tools do a great job of attending to that matter.

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