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The original Moore?s Law was all about tracking the number of transistors that could be packed into a dense integrated circuit. It was an observation, not a law of physics, that tracked the progress in semiconductor process development and manufacturing.

From the consumer viewpoint, Moore?s Law is associated with a continuing evolution of products that provide more functionality, deliver more performance, use less energy, and in many cases, are smaller. The laws of physics do apply to semiconductor processing and manufacturing. In fact, the rate of progress in transistor size and chip density has slowed down.

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Moore 2.0

Litemax announced it is releasing the AECX-WHL0, and embedded board based on Intel 8th gen Core processors. In addition to the Intel processors, it?s powered by Celeron processors, also known as Whiskey Lake.
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LF Edge, an umbrella organization under The Linux Foundation, announced it acquired State of the Edge, a vendor-neutral platform for open research on edge computing.
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Dialog Semiconductor announced the release of the DA14531 SmartBond TINY module for the development of connected devices.
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Every action on the network leaves a digital footprint. For example, photos we post on social media, statements on forums, likes and dislikes of videos. Moreover, a user activity leaves a digital trace-- information about the sites browsed, purchases made, and geographical locations visited. There are many channels through which our personal data is exposed, and the effects of abuse are very serious. Therefore, you should always be extremely careful about the use of world wide web and private data management.

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