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When I initially considered writing about the digital supply chain, all manner of wild thoughts about advanced AI and robots, machine learning algorithms, and vast amounts of data came to mind. I think when people hear the word "digital," they get a little excited, and certainly, I was not immune. There is a tendency to wax on in atmospheric terms about what digital means.

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Robotic Arm

The complete range of robust storage media used in medical technology, such as SD, microSD, or compact flash cards for handheld devices or 2.5-inch and M.2 SSDs for medical imaging, is currently in stock and readily available, according to the company.
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Bosch Sensortec announced the release of BMP390, a barometric pressure sensor for altitude tracking in smartphones, wearable and hearable devices.
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Laird Connectivity announced the release of Sentrius MG100 Micro-Gateway for bridging Bluetooth sensor data to the cloud.
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Mergers and acquisitions are a way of life in the embedded, semiconductor, and electronics industries. The current pandemic has altered that trajectory somewhat, but not as much as you might expect. Business is going on and, thankfully, there?s no end in sight. Such concepts were the topics of discussion in this week?s Embedded Executive podcast, where I interviewed Syed Alam, who is the Managing Director of Strategy and Consulting at Accenture. There's also an interesting whitepaper available that talks about some of these same topics that are discussed in the podcast.

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