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Risk is one of the most overlooked aspects of product management. Despite this, risks are real, and they are part of all the products that you will develop and manage. They are potential problems that could compromise the success of a product. Failure to identify and mitigate risks that face your products could jeopardize your operations altogether.

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Risk Management

Parasoft announced the release of Parasoft C/C++test, a unified C and C++ development testing solution for real-time safety- and security-critical embedded applications and enterprise IT.
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IAR Systems announced its portfolio of embedded development tools has been extended with build tools that support implementations in Linux-based frameworks.
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STMicroelectronics announced the release of the VL53L3CX, a capability expansion of the company?s FlightSense ToF ranging sensors, with a patented histogram algorithm.
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The key to neutralizing the COVID-19 virus is testing, lots of testing. And the AI experts at SensiML are saying that, with enough data in hand, they can tell you whether you have the infection simply by coughing into a microphone. And the test should produce results that are about 90% accurate.

Wow! To be clear, this does not meet the requirements of a clinical tool, but it?s a fantastic start. When I heard about this, I knew I had to hear more, so I dialed up SensiML?s CEO, Chris Rogers, who explained exactly how it works in our Special Edition of the Embedded Executive podcasts.

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