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Designers need to ensure that these new smart devices are safe and reliable as consumers expect high reliability without risk of service interruption. Thus, the devices require overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection to maintain operation even when subjected to a wide range of environmental hazards such as lightning surge, induced power surge, electrostatic discharge, and electrical fast transients. This article informs designers about the types of components to use and where in the circuit architecture they should be applied.
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Anaconda Team Edition repository will be integrated with IBM Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, enabling organizations to better govern and speed the deployment of AI open-source technologies across any cloud.
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By limiting the accuracy requirements of stroke path rasterization and normalizing stencil/blending modes, OpenVG 1.1 Lite allows high-quality 2D vector graphics to be accessed by any OpenGL ES 2.0-compatible 3D GPU.
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TT Electronics announced the launch of 'Speed to Connect', a framework that enables customers to deploy smart IoT solutions quickly and more cost effectively than going it alone, according to the company.
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The price of the multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) has risen sharply over the past several years, tracking the expansion in the number of power supplies used in the automotive, industry, data center, and telecommunications industries.

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Figure 1. Schematic and efficiency of a 1 MHz, 15 A buck regulator for SoCs and CPUs.


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