Wednesday 6/10


What is the difference between redesigning and refactoring software?

The main difference between these concepts is this: Redesigning implies that you modify your software to change what it does, whereas refactoring is an effort to modify how it does it.

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Pluri launched StremeCoder, a graphical Python programming editor to help developers use Python for data management and analysis in laboratories, businesses, education, and research.
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For a limited time, users can register for a free Bronze package of AutoML that allows them to upload or collect data sets and automatically build and deploy lightweight machine learning models onto embedded hardware targets.
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Elecrow announced the CrowPi2, an all-in-one Raspberry Pi learning kit designed to help get developers started with the Raspberry Pi.
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In the never-ending pursuit of making consumer devices easier to use, while making them easier and more cost-effective to manufacture, Cirrus Logic is expanding its haptics and sensing portfolio.

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