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Look around. It?s clear that more and more users are relying on edge servers for virtualization of their Industry 4.0 applications, such as machine manufacturers, systems manufacturers and industrial end users. These edge servers excel at consolidating the distribution of a spectrum of applications and controls across a manufacturing cell, for example.

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Balancing of price vs. performance

IAR Systems announced updates to its C-STAT static code analysis tool, an add-on that is integrated in the C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain. The update adds coverage for MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1.
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Posifa Technologies announced the release of its new PMF8300 series of mass air flow sensors. The sensors were developed for use in respiratory and medical applications.
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With partners, CONTACT is proving new technologies for an efficient and sustainable energy supply as part of the German government's 7th Energy Research Program. The Wind I0 project uses CONTACT's IoT platform for the digitalization and autonomous control of wind turbines and wind farms.
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Conventional microcontroller performance is not up to cycle-intensive operations. A wake-on-approach solution might rely on machine vision for object classification, which in turn needs the Convolutional Neural Network to perform matrix multiply operations that translate into millions multiply accumulate (MAC) calculations.

Overcoming the power-performance dilemma is why a solution which takes a fresh approach to the processor role and SoC architecture makes sense.

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Clock cycles


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