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There are several reasons a thermoelectric cooler module might suffer an operational failure. The most common failure mechanism is a fracturing of the semiconductor pellets or the connecting solder joints. In addition to thermally and mechanically related issues, the presence of external contaminants can also pose a threat to TEC operation.

Every solution to these challenges has its advantages and disadvantages, therefore tradeoffs have to be made.

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TEC assembly

QuickLogic Corporation announced its QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC) initiative. According to the company, this makes QuickLogic the first programmable logic vendor to actively embrace a fully open source suite of development tools for its FPGA devices and eFPGA technology.
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The RFP kit, which is based on a COM Express Type 6 module, features three virtual machines built on real-time systems? hypervisor technology in vision applications.
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Infineon announced the addition of Semper Secure to its Semper NOR Flash memory platform. According to the company, Semper Secure NOR Flash the first memory solution to combine security and functional safety in a single NOR flash device.
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The LoRa Alliance is a fairly dynamic organization, as projects appear to be progressing nicely. The organization began with just a handful of vendors and has now grown to more than 500. To that end, Dave Kjendal, CTO and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Senet, has just joined the Alliance?s Board of Directors. It seemed like a good time to speak to Dave to hear what his ideas and direction are for the Alliance. Dave is my guest on this week?s Embedded Executives podcast.

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Dave Kjendal


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