Thursday 6/18


With the adoption of IoT, connected applications and systems are moving to the cloud. The number of end-devices and data generated on the cloud is also increasing. Edge devices like sensors, mobile devices, wearables, robots, and many other connected devices in IoT ecosystem generate a huge amount of decentralized data.

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PREEvision 9.5, the model-based electric/electronic (E/E) engineering environment from Vector, helps to develop future-proof E/E systems based on high-performance computers and the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform.
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Infineon placed corporate bonds with a volume of ?2.9 billion under its recently established EMTN (European Medium Term Notes) program. The placement was more than 5-times oversubscribed and consists of four tranches with different maturities.
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GL Studio 7.1?s Editor and ES/Desktop Code Generator feature some new improvements to streamline development. For example, users now have the added ability to edit the location point of an object without moving it.
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Q-Reel, a smart-charging company that?s developed the world's first semi-automatic AC charging station for EVs, will offer global consumers charging at home. According to the company, the product is a first-of-its-kind automated ejection system ensuring an ideal, hands-free charging experience.
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Jennifer Fernick, Head of Research at NCC Group, spoke with Embedded Computing Design about 26 vulnerabilities found in the Zephyr RTOS and MCUboot bootloader during a recent security analysis.

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