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Debugging "trivial" memory issues and achieving anything close to 100 percent code coverage is still a daunting and time consuming task. Indeed, it can be an excruciating endeavor, especially in later stages of development where finding a small vulnerability can mean dozens of hours of re-engineering.

However, the Ada programming language abstracts most of direct interaction with memory into the compilation process. In other words, responsibility for memory checking can be transitioned from human developers and onto a compiler that can perform the checks automatically and simplify the static analysis process.

Get ready to save yourself a ton of debugging time.

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Interested parties can download Tracealyzer with embedded Linux support and receive a free 45-day evaluation license. This program is open until August 1st.
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ELISA was formed in 2019 with the goal of developing tools and processes that assists companies in building and certifying safety-critical software using Linux. The new working groups will build from progress in the SIL2LinuxMP and Real-Time Linux projects to help bridge gaps between the safety standards and Linux development ecosystems.
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Solid State Disks (SSD), a storage systems design, development and integration company, has launched HotBackup, a solid state live-host backup solution suited for process and mission-critical legacy computer systems.
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Cost effective embedded systems and sensors, data storage, computing power, and falling price of wireless connectivity have given rise to a fertile ecosystem that can bring forth disruptive business lines.

Here are some of the leading applications disrupting their respective industries through a combination of smart devices, smart data, and agile development.

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