Wednesday 6/24


Different vendors are doing different things to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them are doing their part to help get us through this awful time. One of those is SiFive, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the RISC-V instruction set architecture. Hear what they are doing to help society in this week?s Embedded Executives podcast.

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Naveed Sherwani

The Trusted Computing group (TCG) released its TPM 2.0 Library specification Revision 1.59. This provides updates to the previous TPM specification to help offset the the growing sophistication of cybersecurity threats.
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Maxim Integrated released the MAX32670, a low-power Arm? Cortex-M4 microcontroller with a floating-point unit. The purpose of the MCU is to reduce power consumption and size while increasing the reliability of IoT applications.
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CEA-Leti announced the demonstration of a fully packaged CWDM optical transceiver module with data transfer of 100 Gb/s per fiber with a low-power-consumption electronic chip co-integrated on the photonic chip.
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Day-by-day usage of voice enabled devices around the world is increasing rapidly. Having more than 500 countries supporting more than 1,000 languages with different accents, genders, and voice modulations based on age group makes it challenging to verify voice enabled devices. It is almost impossible to test these devices with so many different combination and permutations in a short span of time. So, let us see how we can automate the testing of voice enabled devices.

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