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It just so happens, the Raspberry Pi doesn?t come with any sort of active or even passive, cooling solution, and it?s pretty common to simply hook up a fan to run at all times to its 5V power supply. This seems to work fine, but when I noticed the Pi that runs my 3D printer (in a hot Florida garage) was overheating, running it all the time seemed a little silly. After all, power is applied to the Pi constantly, but it?s actually used on a very intermittent basis when I?m printing something.

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Pi fan

SYCL is a standard C++ based heterogeneous parallel programming framework for accelerating High Performance Computing (HPC), machine learning, embedded computing, and compute-intensive desktop applications on a wide range of processor architectures, including CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and AI processors.
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All 1MA10 thermoelectric coolers have bare metal, aluminum plates instead of ceramics. Aluminum instead of ceramics is the key approach in TEC manufacturing.
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Leveraging InnovationLab's field-proven capacity to print roll-to-roll electronics, the smart mat demonstrator uses a sensor array to control a traffic light-style indicator which detects when a shopper stands on it.
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Something that has surprised me is the boom of data that has come to light due to COVID-19. I could not understand the relationship between the two, so I went to someone who has to deal with that huge increase, Virtium. My guest on this week?s Embedded Executives podcast is Jacques Issa, a Senior Vice President at the company. And once he explained it to me, it was somewhat of a ?Duh!? moment.

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