Thursday 7/9


The automotive sector has adopted a great number of AI innovations that are not only utilized for vehicle path planning and obstacle avoidance, but incorporated in every step of development from gathering parts for manufacturing, to testing software, to modeling how these systems will function on the road.

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car diagram

Imagination Technologies announced the XS GPU product family for automotive, enabling ADAS acceleration and safety-critical graphics workloads.
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VersaLogic released a new SWaP-optimized embedded computer with error correcting code (ECC) memory.
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F&S Elektronik Systeme has placed the multimedia CPU i.MX 8M from NXP (4x ARM Cortex-A53 (64 Bit) with 1.5GHz & Cortex-M4 CPU) on the new Single Board Computer (SBC), armStone MX8M (PicoITX format).
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Over the past several years, 5G has transformed from a concept spoken about at conferences to a reality with numerous deployments being rolled out across the globe. The technology will completely change the communications landscape, paving the way for new revenues and services that were not previously possible.

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4G/5G transport architecture


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