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In this edition of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss how digital twins that reflect physical IoT systems can not only record the status of real-world devices, but simulate how the device could react under certain conditions in the future. And, how these twins can also potentially be used to help inform future designs.

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SmartDV Technologies has released verification IP solutions for the Arm?s AMBA CHI, CXS, and LPI bus protocols. Assertion IP and SimXL synthesizable transactors for SoC and system-level testing are also part of the release.
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Maxim Integrated released the MAXM86146 dual-photodetector optical sensor solution. The purpose of the new turnkey drop-in module is to assist with heart rate and oxygen-saturation (Sp02) monitoring.
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Premio released its CT-MCL01 MicroATX industrial motherboard for rugged IoT processing. The release comes with the announcement that the company is introducing products that support the 9th Gen Intel Core processors, called Coffee Lake Refresh.
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The MachX03D development board is centered around Lattice?s latest FPGA of the same name. MachX03D devices are platform control FPGAs available with a couple of PLLs and either 4300 or 9400 LUTs, and build on the hot-socketing, instant-on, and soft error detection support included in previous generations of the MachX0x product line to include a range of cutting edge hardware security features.

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