Monday 7/13


Change Data Capture (CDC) is broadly defined as tracking changes in a database. The purposes of tracking changes are many and varied. CDC in embedded database systems can be implemented in several different ways that are sometimes invisible to applications, and ways that applications can exploit for data sharing, responding to events, and incremental back up.

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The use of big data is critical within smart cities. The analysis of data sets are complex when considering volume and variety. Analysis of passenger travel via IVMS(web) can assist in realizing faster responses to passenger calls for a vehicle.
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Multi-Tech Systems announced the release of its Dragonfly 4G-LTE Cat 4 global capable embedded cellular modem. Its purpose is to address global IoT deployments by supporting 19 LTE bands (4G Cat 4), 7 WCDMA bands (3G HSPA+), 4 GSM bands (2G EGPRS), and includes an integrated GNSS receiver.
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dSPACE announced it has acquired Intempora, a real-time development software company. The acquisition supports the strengthening of dSPACE?s autonomous driving product portfolio.
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According to industry analysts, we could see one trillion IoT connections by the year 2035, with the transfer of more than 2 Zettabytes of data just from consumer devices alone. Zettabytes was a new one for me. It comes after Exabyte, which follows Petabyte and Terabyte. Suffice to say, it?s a really big number.

With all that data marching around, it would appear to be a hacker?s playground.

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