Thursday 7/16


You?ve spent months or even years creating IP that belongs to your company and/or its customers. In many cases, that IP is what makes you stand out from your competitors. The last thing you need is for some hacker to come along and grab that code and use it for their own good. Or worse, they alter the code within that running system, potentially crashing the system or putting people in harm?s way or jeopardizing your brand.

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Log management and analysis platform, Logit, has announced that their improved NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs backed infrastructure is in place for all Elastic Stacks hosted on the platform.
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Efinix announced its Trion Titanium FPGA family. Inspired by the Quantum fabric underlying Efinix's first-generation Trion FPGAs, the Quantum compute fabric adds additional compute and routing capability into its eXchangeable logic and routing (XLR) cells.
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VarTech announced the release of DiamondVue 4, the next generation of rugged LCD display products. DV4 features industrial grade video monitors and panel computers with an adaptive design, new mounting styles, and more screen sizes.
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The word ?library? is used and abused in a variety of contexts. Its meaning here is well defined. A library file may be presented to the linker, along with relocatable object files. Its function is to resolve symbols (usually function names) that have not been provided by the relocatable object files.

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