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Secure contexts are a must in industrial platforms, especially if it?s a ?connected? platform. Those contexts are a way to capture all aspects of the system, and basically all the elements that need to be locked down. It also represents the minimum standards of authentication and confidentiality. A primary goal of secure contexts is to prevent attackers from accessing the APIs of that platform.

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Murata announced the completion of compatibility verification of the MBN52832, and embedded Bluetooth Module, with VitaNet Suite ? a secure IoT platform.
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Mentor, a Siemens business, announced enhancements to its Analog FastSPRICE Platform by introducing the FastSPICE eXtreme technology for nanometer-scale verification.
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ON Semiconductor released the NXH40B120MNQ family of full SiC power modules for solar inverter applications. The modules have been selected by Delta, a power and thermal management solutions company, to support its M70A three-phase PV string inverter portfolio.
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Every year, cybercriminals steal approximately $40 billion from older adults (senior citizens aged 60 and over) in the United States. Cybercrime can be defined as, ?any criminal activity in which a computer (or networked device) is targeted and/or used.?

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