Wednesday 7/22


Things working together are bringing us the next tsunami of innovation. For example, if I have a connected car and the dynamics of the road or cityscape change around me because of a burst water main, that will automatically impact the car?s suggested route. The car being smart on its own doesn?t help much. It is understanding the context of how these systems are going to work together which will really drive innovation.

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Codasip announced the official release of Bk7. According to the company, the Bk7 is the most advanced core in the Codasip family of RISC-V processor IP to date, built with customization and domain-specific optimization in mind.
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The nonprofit CiA (CAN in Automation) association is developing a ?handler/dog? data link layer based on the CAN FD protocol as specified in ISO 11898-1:2015.
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ccording to the two companies, they are carrying out the world?s first Dual-Mode /Dual- Active V2X deployment, in which Autotalks? dual mode chipsets are installed in emergency vehicles and on roadside units such as traffic lights.
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From deepfakes and repression of dissent to online harassment and facial recognition software, the decisions we make about technology have broad and lasting consequences. It?s important for everyone working in tech to have an understanding of the power and potential, for good and bad, of their work.

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