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Most data acquisition systems require calibration, sometimes even more than once during a product?s lifetime. Precise calibration ensures that a device consistently behaves predictably and with the level of accuracy needed to ensure target outcomes.

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Data Acquisition

Maxim Integrated released the MAX32666 microcontroller (MCU) to help reduce BOM costs for IoT applications. The ultra-low-power dual Arm? Cortex?-M4 MCU features a floating-point unit (FPU) and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 for extended battery life. It combines memory, security, communications, power management, and processing ? all functions that typically require multiple MCUs.
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OnLogic released its Helix Series of industrial computers. The new computer series is powered by Intel 10th gen processors and is both a small form factor fanless system (HX500) and hybrid fanless (HX600). They can be configured with GPUs, I/O or expansion cards, and added storage.
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Newark announced it has added the Portenta H7, a new offering from Arduino, to its portfolio of SBCs. Portenta H7 was developed to support the growing demand for low-code modular hardware systems to support IoT development.
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Bosch Sensortec announced it is launching a longevity program in addition to extending its product portfolio. The company is doing so to help met the needs of industrial applications.
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With increasing signal processing requirements in various types of embedded systems, some companies designed chips that combine both a digital signal processor (DSP) and a general purpose processor to address the processing demands. While this suits some high-performance devices where silicon area and power are less of a concern, such devices could be difficult to program and can be power hungry.

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