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The IoT is all about what?s happening at the Edge. The sensors absorb the information in some manner, and that could range from a simple temperature sensor all the way up to some sort of number-crunching device that receives data from various sources (also known as sensor fusion). In some cases, computations occur at the Edge, a decision is made, and an action is carried out.

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Elektrobit and Unity, a platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, announced a collaboration to streamline the design process and develop automotive HMIs.
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Join Wind River? Principal Security Architect Arlen Baker for a fast-paced look at how to bake cybersecurity into can?t-fail devices and systems at the edge.
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Alliance Memory announced the release of the AS5F series, a collection of SPI NAND flash memory 1.8V-3V products. The devices can store densities from 1Gb to 8Gb and feature clock frequencies up to 120MHz.
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ADLINK announced the launch of the Titan-AL, the company?s ruggedized IP69K-rated panel PC. The Titan-AL is able to withstand high pressure, hot water cleaning, as it sits within a 316L (V4A) stainless steel housing. It is also resistant to oxidization and other chemical reactions.
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The internet works through various protocols, and in this article we will explain two protocols that form its backbone: HTTP and HTTPS.

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