Tuesday 10/13


Last year's 4 GB platform costs $99. Now, after some tweaks, the 2 GB version is just $59. And although it's in the price range of a Raspberry Pi, it offers the next level of oomph for AI newbies.

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PICMG announced the ratification of the MicroSAM specification. MicroSAM is a new microcontroller-agnostic, ultra-small form-factor module for the enablement of smart sensors.
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The new X-NUCLEO- GFX01M1 SPI shield is supported in the latest TouchGFX software, version 4.15.0, which introduces additional new features including support for low-cost non-memory-mapped SPI Flash ICs.
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Septentrio announced it has expanded its GPS/GNSS OEM portfolio with the AsteRx-m3 Pro receiver board. The receiver features the company?s latests GNSS technology in a small form factor, making it suitable for robotic applications.
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Embedded systems environments can differ based on the specific application, but generally it has to do with temperature, shock and vibration, altitude, and ability to withstand moisture.
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Embedded systems benefit from the use of multicore processors in terms of higher throughput and better size, weight, and power (SWaP). Processors with heterogeneous processor cores add the ability to match applications to the capabilities of each core type, further improving throughput and SWaP. The advantages of multicore processors come with increased complexity in software architectures to maximize the utilization of the processor cores.

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i.MX 8QuadMax


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