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Data in flash memory is arranged in a hierarchy of cells, pages, and blocks, with data written a page at a time. NAND flash memory architecture is such that erasing can only occur at the block level. Also, access to the data in a solid state drive (SSD) is usually localized. There will be some data that is rarely used, or only accessed for reading, and other data that is frequently updated.

However, there is a limit to the number of times flash cells can be erased.

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wear levelling

D3 Engineering announced their DesignCore RS-6843AOP and RS-6843AOPU mmWave Radar Sensors. Per the company, these miniature sensors enable the implementation of many different mmWave radar algorithms to measure, detect, and track.
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NVIDIA announced its AI computing platform has again achieved ideal performance records in the latest round of MLPerf. According to the company, the results led to NVIDIA extending its lead on the industry?s only independent benchmark measuring AI performance of hardware, software, and services.
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The partnership is designed to provide AI solutions for industrial machines, focused on field testing of AI that enables monitoring and provides actionable insights from data collected through industrial internet of things (IIoT) systems.
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Question: How can I make an analog measurement if I only have a single GPIO left on the FPGA/microprocesser for my system?

Answer: A voltage-to-frequency converter can be used instead of an analog-to-digital converter.

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