Thursday 10/29


The only thing it seems we can predict with any level of certainty is that things will continue to be unpredictable. Therefore, I?ve been thinking a lot more about Agility lately: The ability to think, understand, and move quickly and easily. When it comes to agility in business, the ability to think, understand, and move quickly and easily, I advise people to review their Product Portfolio Management (PPM) capability.

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Obviously your IoT devices need to be secure. Unfortunately, there are many ways to do that, so you need to pick the one (or ones) that best suit your needs. One of those methods is by using SRAM PUF, or physical unclonable function.
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ScanExpress JET can now take advantage of optional ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics for detailed memory test diagnostics with fully automated analysis. Processor-controlled functional test results are diagnosed down to the net-and-pin level, even on BGA components where physical debug and test access is limited.
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Active Silicon added a new addition to their product range. The Harrier 10x AF-Zoom Camera is now available with LVDS/EX-SDI, USB 3/HDMI, and 3G-SDI video output options.
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In C, you can declare variables in one of two places: the head of a block or outside of function code. In either case, the syntax is the same.

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