Tuesday 11/3


As automated systems are packed onto factory floors, often near human workers, equipment designers must take care to meet applicable equipment directives that cover both electromagnetic compatibility and functional safety.

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Per Semico, the semiconductor industry today is being faced with several issues, the continuing rise in design costs for complex SoCs, the decrease in the incidence of first-time-right designs, and the increase in the design cycle time against shrinking market windows and decreasing product life cycles.
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Arduino announced the launch of its new Opl? IoT Kit. According to the company, Opl? is the first open programmable IoT platform that allows anyone to build custom IoT devices, with full control over personal data.
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Flex Logix Technologies announced the availability and roadmap of PCIe boards powered by the Flex Logix InferX X1 accelerator, an AI inference chip for edge systems.
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Join Wind River? Principal Security Architect Arlen Baker for a fast-paced look at how to bake cybersecurity into can?t-fail devices and systems at the edge.
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There are a range of inexpensive single-board computers on the market that can be used for electronic product development. These solutions tend to come in small form factors that enable them to also be used as components in market-ready products. When is using these ?off-the-shelf? (OTS) solutions in your product the optimal solution, and when is a custom-engineered solution the preferable choice?

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